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Our bar, with its stained glass inspired by Piet Mondrian and Frank Lloyd Wright, is especially alluring in early and late evening. Bring a friend… or two – to sit and sip, while the conversation envelops you and suffuses you in a radiant glow which says you would not want to be anywhere else. (Check out the Boston Globe review of our bar below.)

The Colorado
– Already famous for its green forests and rocky mountain highs, Colorado seems to be taking “green” to a whole new level.  The bartenders at BHHB have come up with “The Colorado,” a 100% legal post-election cocktail. Made with gin from Amsterdam (where else?) & mixed with St. Germain, Chartreuse, and a dash of Holy Basil bitters, this earthy, herbaceous cocktail will leave you wanting more.

Come try ‘The Colorado’ here at The BHHB or make it at home for friends & family to enjoy!

“The Colorado”

1 oz Damrak gin ( Amsterdam gin)
2 oz Green Chartreuse
1 oz St. Germain
Splash of Lemon juice
Dash of Holy Basil bitters

Mix all the ingredients in cocktail shaker. Shake well. Serve straight up and garnish with dried basil. Enjoy.