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The Pamplemousse

Sip in the sweet taste of spring! “The Pamplemousse,” a refreshing cocktail made with house-infused grapefruit vodka, Grand Marnier, lime juice and a splash of sparkling wine, is back by popular demand. Stop in and try it, or make it at home!

“The Pamplemousse”
4 oz House-infused Grapefruit Vodka
1 oz Grand Mariner
1/2 oz Lime Juice
Splash of Sparkling Wine

Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a shaker. Top with sparkling wine. Serve straight up in a martini glass.

Dark and Snowy Cocktail
dark and snowy

Winter storms Juno and Octavia pale in comparison to our new “Dark and Snowy” cocktail hybrid. Think dark and stormy meets hot toddy; this combination of the classic dark rum and ginger beer pairing is heating up with a splash of hot water and sweet ginger simple syrup. Finished off with a hint of lime , the Dark and Snowy is served warm enough to melt that fresh layer of ice on your side walk. Enjoy!

“Dark and Snowy”
3 oz of dark rum
1oz of ginger beer
2 oz of hot water
Splash of house-made ginger simple syrup
Splash of lime juice

Le Potiron Ivre (The Drunken Pumpkin)
photo (30)

There is arguably nothing more comforting than cozy-ing up with a flavorful, seasonal dish. This year we are taking it one step further and are inviting you to try our original Le Potiron Ivre (The Drunken Pumpkin, $11) cocktail made with Waltham butternut squash fresh from Eva’s Garden in South Dartmouth, MA, brown sugar and maple syrup. Come in and join us, sit back, relax and warm up with a drink that will raise your spirits as much as you’ll want to raise your glass.

“The Drunken Pumpkin”
4 oz of Jim Beam Bourbon
2 oz of house-made butternut squash purée
Splash of bitters
Splash of OJ
Splash of lemon juice
Cinnamon stick for garnish

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a shaker and shake well. Strain into a rocks glass served down with a cinnamon stick.

The “5-4″

In honor of the Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), we’ve created a special cocktail named the “5-4,” available through the month of July. The cocktail is made with a 5-4 ingredient ratio: 5 parts Absolut Mandarin, 1 part Sprite, cranberry juice, sparkling wine and fresh orange juice, with equal love for each and every ingredient…

The 5-4:
5 parts Absolut Mandarin
1 part Sprite
1 part cranberry juice
1 part sparkling wine
1 part fresh orange juice

Directions: Put all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake until cocktail is cold and serve straight up in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange and enjoy!

The Berry Fizz

What is more refreshing than sweet and juicy strawberries during the warm months of spring? While we may be right in the middle of a city, you can still experience the rural, rustic flavors of the season with our new cocktail, the Berry Fizz. This refreshing blend of fresh strawberries, thyme and sparkling wine will have you relaxed and ready for the summer in no time.

The Berry Fizz

2.5 oz of house made strawberry gin
.5 oz of thyme simple syrup
Splash of sparkling wine

Citrus Spritz

Are you thinking about the onset of Spring, but it still feels a bit nippy? Here is a coping mechanism: Close your eyes and visualize a warm breeze, sandals on your feet, and a cool drink in your hand. A cool lemony drink. Add some friends around you, a nice comfortable environment, and there you have it! You are seated at the bar at Beacon Hill Bistro. The “Citrus Spritz”
1 pt. Citron
1 pt. Cointreau
Lemon Juice

Shake well and serve in a glass with a lemon twist. Enjoy!