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Summer Menu Celebrates New England

We are celebrating the tastes and flavors New England has to offer with new menu items created by new Executive Chef Lucas Sousa. Chef Sousa has added his personal touch to all of our menus from brunch, lunch and dinner to dessert.

During the week, take an extra-long lunch break and try our shrimp & arugula salad with avocado purèe, fennel, watermelon radish and orange vinaigrette, $16, Connecticut style crab roll, $15, or rigatoni with confit chicken, spinach and roasted mushrooms, $16.

For dinner try the tete de couchon with local peas, breakfast radish, frisee and bacon vinaigrette, $12, North Carolina shrimp, preserved lemon, chickpea & harissa, $13, housemade cavatelli with duck fennel sausage, peas & farm egg, $26, or oven roasted artichokes & potato, eggplant puree, mint, housemade ricotta & lentils, $18. Finish your meal on a sweet note with Chef’s meyer lemon crème brûlée or madeline cake with peaches & strawberries, anglaise and chantilly creme, both $8.

With an emphasis on the array of ingredients coming straight from local farms and fishermen, these delicious dishes will more than satisfy and will evolve as the summer progresses.  So enjoy these fantastic flavors while you can!

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